Innovation in Healthcare can be a challenging journey with all the rules and regulations required to simply go to market. If you’ve got a tiger of an idea by the tail, the last thing you want to expend your energy on is determining your compliance with arcane and often arbitrary mandates.

Here at Secure Health Solutions, we provide cloud services designed right out of the gate to be HIPAA and HITECH compliant speeding your time to market. We are an experienced Business Associate and we invest daily to make sure that our environment is safe, secure, cost-effective, with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

Our environment consists of multiple sites, physically secured and segmented environments, fully access controlled and monitored, 24/7. It boasts battery and generator backup and optimal cooling techniques. Off-site backup with full chain-of-custody to insure your data is always in a known protected location ready to restore at a moment’s notice. Because of our multiple upstream links and locations, your applications and services can be resilient and highly available. Business continuity and disaster recovery are built-in to our core offerings.

Each year, we ask third-parties to evaluate our performance and provide ways to improve our offerings for you.

If you are collecting, storing, and managing protected healthcare information, give us a try, we can make your life easier and provide you a competitive advantage.

Success Stories


Secure Health Solutions was established in 1997 when a local startup approached the local internet service provider inquiring how to place their application on the internet. What started as a conversation, has grown into full business line of healthcare oriented internet solutions.

SHS was acquired in 2017 by Logical Solutions as a key component of their diversified internet asset strategy.


Logical Solutions
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Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387


HIPAA Cloud Services – Project your application from the internet securely and safely via application services and/or via secure, virtual desktops. For your clients, consultants, and staff.

HIPAA Hosting Services – You decide, your gear or ours, and make the call on the level of management (fully outsourced, partially outsourced, or self-managed.)

Custom Services – From packaged services like Audits, Penetration Tests, and Private Networks to 100% custom solutions/services, we have the expertise to make you successful.

Pricing – Our pricing is simple and transparent. When you entrust your healthcare information resources with us, we deliver what we promise with no surprises.