Capabilities at a Glance

Multiple data centers
Unmarked facilities
24/7 monitoring
Multiple layers of physical security
Strict access control / logging
Over provisioned power and cooling
UPS protection
Generator backup
Multi mode electronic surveillance

Compliant with NIST 800-53 Revision 4
Established and enforced security policies and roles
Defense in depth strategy for infrastructure and client landscapes
Isolation of client landscapes
Multi-factor authentication for access
Continual risk assessment and mitigation process
Infrastructure change and update managed
Locked, access controlled/monitored cabinets/cages

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
N+1 design for infrastructure
Site-to-site failover
Off-site (controlled with chain of custody) backups
Failover testing monthly
Preventative maintenance and testing of power systems
Any single data center designed to run entire operation

Connectivity, Compute, & Storage
Multi-path connectivity site-to-site, site-to-internet, and where applicable, site-to-private site
Over provisioning, minimum of 2x max load, for compute resources
Multi-level RAID (SSD+HDD) provisioning provides resilience and performance
Minimum backup requirement of full backup nightly, higher frequency protection on client by client basis
Infrastructure connectivity N+1.
Nightly software updates as appropriate.