Custom Services

HIPAA / HITECH / Security Audits – It’s one thing to claim compliance, it’s another to have a skilled third-party evaluate your claim against industry best practices and report your status with items to address as required. That’s what you get when you hire us to perform an audit for HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, or Security.

Penetration Testing – On a per event or periodic basis, we can model the behaviors and attack the weaknesses in your infrastructure to determine the state of your defenses and highlight areas that need improvement. Using the latest exploits and techniques, our security engineers find the holes before the bad things happen.

Virtual/Physical Private Networks – Secure communication paths are core to any HIPAA compliant instance. Let us, along with our partners, help you establish robust, cost-effective, and secure communication channels using physical network links and virtual private network software as appropriate.

Solution Consulting – Our core competency is in designing, implementing, and operating engineered solutions to very difficult business problems. We can bring our collective expertise and capabilities to bear on your project to produce a great result.