HIPAA Cloud Services

Application Landscapes – Each landscape consists of two or more instances of a service/application hosted securely in our HIPAA Compliant Cloud and projected to your constituents over physical/virtual private network links. Here are some examples of Application Landscapes:

Applications as a service, like NextGen, with all its supporting pieces projected into a set of healthcare facilities for use by authorized staff members for care delivery and operations activities.

A medical image repository as a service, where ePHI made available to the appropriate medical staff on computers, tablets, care kiosks, or phones.

A patient data collection service where data from various internet-of-things capable devices are aggregated, stored, processed, and then packaged for use in various care and/or billing practices.

Virtual Desktops – Because HIPAA requires each operator to know and actively manage each piece of ePHI, it becomes imperative to control the access client and user access. Our Virtual Desktop approach does just that making different kinds of client experiences possible while still maintaining the required, auditable controls. Here are some examples of Virtual Desktops:

A full Windows-based experience projected over a physical or virtual private network provisioned on-demand taking into account the credentials, role, and responsibilities of the requesting user to a client computer or laptop. Upon sign-off, the session is torn down and no remnants are left on the remote player. During the session, access to local resources like USB ports is strictly controlled and monitored.

A thin client experience delivered application over a physical or virtual private network provisioned on demand focused on single role users. For instance, a billing staff member doesn’t need access to the clinical components of the care app. Delivered into a browser like setting on any remote device (computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.) Good for the session leaving no trace behind post-session.

A kiosk experience where a single or small set of applications and/or functions are present on a shared device and appropriately provisioned upon end-user authentication. Ideal for busy care settings where multiple personnel need access to computerized care resources.

A mobile experience where kiosk or thin-client type services are delivered remotely over a virtual private network to authenticated users. Ideal for consulting professionals located off-site or in non-native network/compute settings.