While we would love to simply offer a menu of pricing that is fixed and standard like ordinary web site hosting, each HIPAA situation tends to be unique with different requirements that drive cost. However, we can provide a starting point for each service and as we tailor your solution, our pricing is transparent with no surprises.

HIPAA Cloud Services

Application Landscapes – $0.39/hour (simple, single instance $62-$174 per month equivalent)

Virtual Desktops – $0.19/hour (standard Windows image $30-88 per month equivalent)

HIPAA Hosting Services

Managed Co-location – $199/month (2 rack units with power and cooling)

Dedicated Hosting – $0.19/hour (simple, single server $65-134 per month equivalent)

Virtual Private Hosting – $0.09/hour (simple, single instance $37-65 per month equivalent)

Custom Services

HIPAA / HITECH / Security Audits – starting at $999

Penetration Testing – $99/month/physical location

Solution Consulting – Variable depending upon requirements, either per job bid or time & materials basis.

Private Networks (Physical and Virtual) – Variable depending upon sites, users, and complexity.

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