Scaling with Resilience

Our clients value their privacy, so we’ll share the general shape of this journey rather than specifics that might serve to identify.

A little more than a decade ago, a local startup came to visit us with a gleam in their eyes, to determine how best to put their core concept on the internet. While no one thought to coin the term “big data” – that’s what their application was, a big data and analytics play in the healthcare segment.

Scaling with resilience was the most challenging part of their project. As they added new clients, the amount of data managed began to grow quickly and then exponentially. The need for segmentation of the client’s data and protection of all the data, meant that the engineered solution had to be thoughtful and thorough.

By creating a private HIPAA compliant cloud environment, where a virtual machine was dedicated to each client, and replicated across our data centers, the startup was able to grow their offering quickly and securely.

Fast forward to 2015, the startup had grown up and recruited hundreds of clients using their software colocated and managed in our HIPAA data centers. Over the next year, the startup was in high-demand and was acquired and successfully integrated into a larger company’s portfolio.

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